CBCSA Newsletter! July 13th Week B

It’s a week B pick up this Thursday, July 13th!

This week’s share:

  • Green Onions
  • Squashes and/or Cucumbers
  • Scallions
  • Garlic Scapes
  • Lettuce
  • A choice of two from Swiss chard, kale, choy, and collards
  • And a choice of two from Hakurei turnip, kohlrabi, and radishes.

Your fruit will be Yonder Farm’s sweet cherries.
Tomatoes are beginning to show some color and sweet corn is in tassel – both will be coming before long!

The Lewis Waite Deliveries were last week and a few members received some really great looking stuff. I finally ordered an item I’ve been looking forward to all year: the pork kielbasa. The Lewis Waite Farm pork kielbasa is just soooo good. I love it with cheese and crackers, on sandwiches, in scrambled eggs, everything. This kielbasa tends to have lots of fat that makes it really fun to cook with. Lewis Waite also has a leaner and less expensive beef option that is delicious, but pork always wins me over.

The next Lewis Waite Delivery is August 3rd. Did you know that you can place an order and edit it up to a few days before delivery? Helpful advice for those who sometimes forget to order until it’s too late (I know I have).

CSA News from Windflower Farm

Delivery #6, July 11/13, 2017

This week’s share: green onions, squashes and/or cucumbers, scallions, garlic scapes, lettuce, a choice of two from Swiss chard, kale, choy and collards, and a choice of two from Hakurei turnip, kohlrabi and radishes. Your fruit will be Yonder Farm’s sweet cherries. Tomatoes are beginning to show some color and sweet corn is in tassel – both will be coming before long!

Nate’s ducks have given birth to four ducklings – sweet little buff and black puffballs (you can see them on our Instagram page). Ducklings can imprint on a variety of potential caregivers, including chicken hens. There are four newborn ducklings here, none of them planned, and all healthy, but there seems to be some confusion about who mom is. Two ducks and a chicken all sat together on the clutch of eggs from which these four were born. One duckling is following the ducks around the yard, and the other three have imprinted on the broody hen. In the hunt for mom, the duckling following the ducks is technically right, of course, but the hen has turned out to be a ferocious protector of her little brood. At any sign of danger, they burrow under her wings, while she pecks and snarls at whatever threatens. Although she may have to tap into the expertise of the duck aunties when it comes time for swimming lessons, she is doing just fine with the basics. When Nate offered up some blueberries to the ducklings, they ignored them, but when the hen pecked and tenderized the berries and placed them in front of her ducklings, they devoured them. Theirs might be an unconventional little family, but it seems to work!

It is a lovely Sunday evening. Jan has covered the kitchen table in flowers and is working on ideas for this week’s flower shares. Tonight’s question: When can pink and orange be combined? Nate is heading out to lift his ducklings into their coop before closing it up for the night. Their moms have yet to instruct them in the use of the ramp. And I’ll be heading out soon to put domes on our sweet corn and sunflower trays to protect them against the small country creatures that appear to love nothing more than to dine on my seeds.

Have a great week, Ted

Author: Central Brooklyn CSA

The Central Brooklyn CSA (CBCSA) is dedicated to working with our partners the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Windflower Farm, and the Hebron French Speaking SDA Church to continue the work of building a Community Supported Agriculture model that increases access to fresh, local produce for all members of our communities, regardless of income level. Join us as we continue to bring fresh, organic, affordable and nutritious vegetables and fruit to the Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, and surrounding communities.

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