Fresh Herb Quesadillas

Pair these quesadillas with a simple salad of greens dressed with oil and vinegar for a light dinner.

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These delicious quesadillas are a simple and fast way to use herbs. The quesadillas pictured are filled with a mixture of chopped epazote, mint, and oregano, but feel free to play around and use whatever herbs you have in the fridge! Pair them with a simple salad of greens dressed with oil and vinegar for a light dinner.Mmm herby

Fresh Herb Quesadillas

The proportions for the herbs, onions, and cheese are approximate. Feel free to adjust according to your own preferences.

On a whim I decided to compress the tortillas while cooking by putting a small sauce pan on top along with a can of tomatoes, as you see in the photo. The weight helped them to cook fast and evenly. Eventually I realized the can was not needed because the sauce pan alone was heavy enough. This is reflected in the directions below.

(makes 4 quesadillas)

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Pink Beans in Sauce with Epazote

I take this bean thing seriously, so it was a personal challenge to incorporate epazote into my quest to make the best ever bowl of beans.

Recipe by John-Thomas Crockett

I love beans. Black, pinto, kidney, red, pink, garbanzo, it doesn’t matter: beans are my thing. For the past couple of years I have been in charge of the food at my brother’s Super Bowl Bash ( a fact I am quite proud of), and last year I was actually commissioned to make a couple of pots of beans. Think about that for a moment. More than chicken wings, tacos, ribs, or pizza, folks thought beans, my beans, would take the party to higher heights. With humility, I make a mean bean. It is, in fact, a family thing. After decades of bean dominance, my mother is the undisputed Queen of Beans. After years of studying her techniques and stealing glances at her seasoning selections, I think I am ready to challenge for the title “Bean King.”

I take this bean thing seriously, so when we got epazote in our CSA share and I learned it was often used as a bean seasoning, I took it as a personal challenge to incorporate the herb in my next  iteration of legume goodness.

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