Central Brooklyn CSA Member Registration

First, you have to become a member. Joining involves completing and signing the membership form at the above link and sending it with full payment by the due date to NYCCAH at the address on the form to secure a CSA share.

If you are purchasing a share with your Food Stamp/SNAP benefits, a 10% deposit payable by check/money order is required to secure your share. The remaining portion is paid weekly or bi-weekly during the season with your Food Stamp/SNAP Benefits at the distributions.

Membership means that you will come to the weekly CSA distribution site in Central Brooklyn each week for 22 weeks to pick up your share and fulfill your volunteer requirements. This is a requirement for all of our members. The CSA  functions best when all members do their part!

Second, full payments are due before distribution begins unless you are paying as a low-income member.  In the case that you are paying as a low-income member, you may pay for your share in installments as described above.The payments made before distribution begins help the farmer cover the farm costs early in the season.

Once your payment has been processed, we will contact you to confirm your membership in the CSA. To learn more about our CSA, download the above brochure.

20 thoughts on “Join”

  1. Greetings. I don’t receive food stamps yet but am on a fixed income and wondering if I would be eligible for the $120 sliding scale.

    Julia Bennett

  2. Hi there
    I’m a member of another CSA, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to just buy a fruit share (and not a veggies share)? I’m happy to contribute volunteer hours during the season….

  3. I know it’s late in the summer, but is it too late to join at a pro-rata cost? If it’s too late this year, please keep me on your email list and I’ll try to meet the deadline for next season! Thanks.

  4. Hi there, my husband and I were hoping to join the CSA this spring. How do we join or get on the waiting list? Thanks so much! ~Kate

  5. Hi, I was a member last year and had a half share. Although I loved being a member, getting a huge supply of food every other week really didn’t work well for a half share. It’s too much food for one person and doesn’t keep for two weeks. Could you adjust your half share concept to a weekly pick up of half as much food? I wound up giving away so much produce last year, that the cost of the half share was really high for me.

    1. Hi – unfortunately, that’s the only way we can offer half shares right now. Most CSA farmers don’t offer half shares, but because we want to make it as affordable as possible we offer half shares to members and a every other week pick up was the only equitable way we were able to come up with for half share distribution. We will, of course, keep working on it to see if there are any other alternatives. Thanks for your feedback on this.

  6. I am interested in becoming a member. However, I would like to receive information. I also receive EBT. Is there a waiting list? Thank you.

  7. Do you have any half shares available? We’ve just moved to the area and would love to join. Thanks!

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