Winter Distribution #1, November 21, 2020

The News from Windflower Farm

Hello from the Windflower Farm team! Thank you for deciding to join us for the winter season. If you are receiving this email, then you are on our winter share roster. Your first share will be delivered this Saturday, November 21st. See below for distribution times and locations.

Your first share:

  • Russet potatoes, yellow onions and garlic in a paper bag
  • Leeks, sweet potatoes and a butternut squash loose in the box
  • Carrots and beets likely also loose in the box
  • Swiss chard, koji, kale and broccoli in a plastic bag
  • Empire apples in a paper bag
  • A jug of apple cider

Important distribution notes:

Your share will come pre-packaged in a box that you may take home. We are happy to take boxes back and to recycle them when we return in December. Check in with your site coordinator to find out how this can be done at your site

There will be a couple of boxes at each site with a special label indicating that its contents differ from those of the others. This month, for example, a box might not have leeks and instead have a handful of red onions. Take your pick while the option lasts.

The apple cider in your share does not fit in the box and is packaged separately. Make sure to grab yours. If you’d prefer, and while supplies last, you may choose to take a second bag of apples instead of a jug of cider.

If you’ve ordered eggs or a maple share, please remember to seek them out – they will not be packaged in your box. Check in with the site coordinator.  

What’s new on the farm?

A brief warm spell a week back was just what a late planting of rye cover crop seeds needed to germinate and cover the last couple of acres of bare ground here. And just what we needed to finish cleaning up our fields and getting our equipment put away. Cold temperature have now descended on Windflower Farm. We saw 17 degrees last night. All of our winter storage crops are tucked away in various coolers and from now until June, all of our greens harvests will come from the protection cover of greenhouses. 

Our winter team is relatively small. There will be seven of us harvesting and bagging your greens and packing boxes tomorrow. We won’t start until 9:00 or 10:00 am, by which time the greens will have thawed. Your November and December greens are cold-hardy cultivars growing in “caterpillar” tunnels, which are unheated and make use of multiple layers of protective covers. As the more intense cold of winter sets in during January and February, your greens will come from “high’ tunnels, which are relatively conventional (but still unheated) greenhouses and better protected from the cold. You are invited to follow along on our Instagram page.   

We hope you enjoy your share! Your next one will be delivered on Saturday, December 12th.

Wishing you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving, Ted and Jan

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