Wait list for Summer 2018 Farm Share

Registration for the 2018 season is now closed.

You can still add your name to our wait list for shares of vegetables, fruits, eggs and flowers from Windflower Farm’s 2018 harvest

About the share:
Pick ups happen:
Every Thursday from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM
June 7th through November 1st, 2018

Hebron SDA Church
1256 Dean Street
(On the corner of New York Avenue)
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Here’s a description of the share from the farm:

VEGETABLES. When you purchase a full

vegetable share, you receive an assortment of organic veggies once a week for 22 weeks. You can also purchase a half-share, which means you pick up one full share of vegetables every other week throughout the 22 week season (i.e., 11 full weeks of vegetables). Your share will vary from week-to-week but is likely to contain six to ten items, including salad greens, herbs, root vegetables like carrots and potatoes, such seasonal favorites as cucumbers, sweet corn and tomatoes, and cooking greens, broccoli or cabbage. The full share is intended to meet the vegetable needs of a family of four.

FRUITS. The fruit share runs for 20 weeks (10 weeks for the half share) and consists of Windflower Farm’s organically grown strawberries, blueberries and melons and an assortment of tree fruits grown with minimal inputs by other local growers. Fruit shares begin in the early summer with strawberries, cherries and blueberries, progress in mid-summer to include peaches, plums, nectarines, and apricots, and conclude in the fall with assorted apples, pears, and cider.

Author: Central Brooklyn CSA

The Central Brooklyn CSA (CBCSA) is dedicated to working with our partners the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Windflower Farm, and the Hebron French Speaking SDA Church to continue the work of building a Community Supported Agriculture model that increases access to fresh, local produce for all members of our communities, regardless of income level. Join us as we continue to bring fresh, organic, affordable and nutritious vegetables and fruit to the Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, and surrounding communities.

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