CBCSA WEEK #22 (B): News from Windflower Farm

Hi Everyone,

Attached is the last news of the 2016 CBCSA season from our farmer, Ted Blomgren, from Windflower Farm. Consider sticking around for the winter by purchasing a winter share (details below).

It’s been the Core Group’s pleasure getting to know you all this season. We look forward to seeing you again next year, if not sooner! Stay tuned for our end of season survey coming in the upcoming week.

Take care!

News from Windflower Farm

22nd and Final Distribution, November 1st and 3rd, 2016

This week’s share:

Yellow or red onions and possibly more leeks

Sweet potatoes and ‘Delicata’ squashes

Your choice between sage, lemongrass and Rosemary, plus chiles

Spinach and a lettuce mix

And your choices of two bunches of greens from a list that includes kale, choy, chard, escarole, collards and a mustard mix

Our winter share signup is underway. Click this link to learn more and to sign up by our early November deadline: https://windflowerfarm.wufoo.com/forms/m1xr27rk05nzoa8/

The winter share is comprised of four once-a-month deliveries of our stored squashes, onions, leeks, carrots, beets, turnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and fresh salad greens from our greenhouses, along with apples, pears and either cider or jam. We hope you’ll join us!

As you already know, this week’s delivery is the last of our ‘summer’ season. On behalf of our staff and the farmers we work with to deliver fruit and egg shares, Jan and I would like to express our thanks to all of you for your membership in the Windflower Farm community. Your purchase of a share in our farm’s 2016 vegetable and flower harvest made possible the employment of some 18 people grateful for the good work of growing healthy food in a sustainable way. We appreciate that you have shared in the adventure of navigating a season long on hot weather and short on rainfall. As is the case every year, there were successes and failures, too many of some things, and too few of others. That you are with us, rooting for us, and that as shareholders you have “skin in the game,” adds immeasurably to the meaning of our labors. We hope you have enjoyed your shares of vegetables, cut flowers, fruits, and eggs and your connection to our farm, and we hope to see you again next year.

We value your thoughts and ask that you provide us with your responses to our end-of-season survey. It should be available midweek next week.

The CSA model continues to thrive because of the active participation of people in their food system. That includes all of you, of course, but there is a special group of you who make a substantially extra effort. In each neighborhood where we deliver, we work with a “core group” of your fellow shareholders who volunteer to organize a school, church, garden or stretch of sidewalk into a weekly distribution site. They promote the CSA, “sell” shares, write newsletters, gather recipes, sort out site logistics, coordinate volunteers, arrange special events and maintain a constant dialog with the farm. They are certainly underpaid, but they are not underappreciated. Our small farm would not exist without their efforts. To them, we say, thank you, thank you, thank you!

This need not be goodbye – winter shares are still available! – but if it is, we’d like to extend our warmest wishes for the season.

Our very best regards, Ted and Jan

Author: Central Brooklyn CSA

The Central Brooklyn CSA (CBCSA) is dedicated to working with our partners the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Windflower Farm, and the Hebron French Speaking SDA Church to continue the work of building a Community Supported Agriculture model that increases access to fresh, local produce for all members of our communities, regardless of income level. Join us as we continue to bring fresh, organic, affordable and nutritious vegetables and fruit to the Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, and surrounding communities.

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